Sunday, April 22, 2012


Surprise is a feeling caused by something happening suddenly or unexpectedly, or Surprise is an expression that we use to show we shock about an information of someone.

Expressing Surprise
·       Wow! What a surprise!
·       That's a surprise!
·       That's very surprising!
·       Really?
·       What?
·       Are you serious? You must be joking!
·       You're kidding!
·       Fancy that!
·       I must say it surprise me.
·       I find it hard to believe.
·       Yeah!
·       It is
·       Yup!
·       Sure
·       It's true
·       I'm serious
·       No, I'm not
·       Does it?
·       It is, isn't it?

Example of dialog expressing surprise :
Yoga : Brother, our mother is coming  from London.
Yuda : Wow! What a surprise! Really?
Yoga : yeah! It is true.

Disbelief is an expression to refuse or be unable to believe something or somebody, or Disbelief is an expression that we use to show we can’t believe about something or a fact (we can’t accept it).

Expressing Disbelief
·         I don't believe it
·         I can’t believe it.
·         It can't be true.
·         I can't think of it.
·         I don't trust you.
·         How could it be?
·         It’s really unbelievable.
·         It is true.
·         I can’t believe, too. But, it is reality.
·         You must believe it
·         It is the fact.

Example of dialog expressing disbelief :
Hany : Luna has gone.
Rays : I don’t believe it. It’s really unbelievable.
Yoga : But, it is true. You must believe it.